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Car Wars: 72 Hours to Graceland
JTF-13 Legacies: Quid Pro Quo

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A Joint Task Force 13 Anthology

Legends: A Joint Task Force Thirteen anthology is a fresh collection of stories spanning over one hundred years in the JTF-13 universe. With continuing storylines from Lloyd Behm, Casey Moores, and William Joseph Roberts, any fan of the series is guaranteed to enjoy this collection.

Meet David W. Hensley

David W. Hensley was born in Cortez Colorado in 1974. He passed his childhood in the foothills of the La Plata mountains with his brother Charles building tree houses, riding horses, camping and fishing. In 1993 he met and married the love of his life Nichole Parker. He also graduated from Dolores Highschool and joined the Navy that same year.

David’s experiences involved working as a bagger for a grocery store, cowboy, a plumber’s assistant, a roofer, a car washer and a ditch digger, before committing to twenty years of service as an aircraft mechanic for the US Navy. After leaving the Navy he became a Department of Defense contractor and went on to other professions such as fiberglass repairman and professional hole digger.

His hobbies include losing at Cribbage and Acey Deucey to his wife, spoiling his grandchildren, 3D printing, tabletop RPGs and wargames, as well as painting miniatures and reading.

As a storyteller, his first professional sale was Desperate Ground contributed to Three Ravens Publishing’s award winning JTF-13 Legends anthology. Currently he is writing a trilogy for Car Wars that will also be published by Three Ravens.

David W Hensley
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